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Generic Domains (gTLDs)



The .com domain is the oldest and most popular TLD (top-level domain) on the internet. It’s the gold standard for businesses and the first thing people think of when they search online.



The .org domain is universally understood to represent organizations serving the public interest. Originally intended for non-profit organizations, .org is now the most preferred alternative to .com and .net extensions.



One of the original domains created, .net was intended for entities in the field of network technology and infrastructure. There are no restrictions, and anyone can register it.



The .biz domain is second only to .com when it comes to business websites. Some businesses skip the .com extension entirely and focus solely on .biz, preferring to differentiate themselves from others with a distinctive domain name that says “business”.



The .info domain extension is very popular. It’s universally recognized and easy to remember, making it a great alternative to .com or .biz. And .info is about one thing: Information.




The .co domain extension is globally available and recognized. Because the abbreviation “co” so often stands in for “company” or “corporation,” the .co TLD (top-level domain) is a great choice for businesses.




The .me extension is a favorite among bloggers, freelancers and small business owners. A .me domain name is easy to remember, so your .me site will be easy to find time and again.